April 1980

A Brief History of the Women's Society of Dover Monthly Meeting

Margaret Hadley and Gladys Lynch

The earliest records we could find of a women's organization at Dover Monthly Meeting was in September 1883 for the year 1883-1884. This was known as the Women'Foreign Missionary Society. They no doubt did some home missions as wellas foreign missionary work.

In September 1915 the Dover Ladies Aid was formed. The primary object of this group was to make money for repairs to the church and to help pay the pastor's salary. One of the big projects of this group was the purchase of the Dover Schoolhouse and lot after the schools in Union Township were centralized. Although an exact date of purchase cannot be given, the school- -house was sold at public auction in the late 20's. The ladies said they paid for the building with "chicken and noodles" sold at farm sales etc. The building has sice been used as a Community house for the Meeting and members, but also it has been rented for family reunions and picnics and other gatherings.

In October 1949 the ladies of the church met at the home of Margaret Hadley to hear Katherine Hare, then president of the Wilmington Yearly Meeting United Society of Friends Women. She gave an interesting and informative talk in the purpose and work of the organization. The groudecided to form aU.S.F.W. organization which would combine home and foreign missions as well as continue to be a ladies aid to the church. The first officers were: Margaret Hadley, president; Dorothy Harris, vice-president; Lucille Gaddis,secretaryand Gladys Lynch, treasurer.

In 1970 Margaret Hadley was elected president of the Wilmington Yearly MeetingU.S.F.W.where she served three years.

The group continues to meet each month and although we are small in number, we try to carry on the work in serving the Master as best we can.
--Note: Dover USFW continues to meet in 2017